The Strange Birth, Short Life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl

The golden age of live television comes to vivid life with the memorable and entertaining tale of Jonny Dirby, who unintentionally captivates the imagination of America with his creation of the hit show Justice Girl. This fun, engrossing work of historical fiction transports readers back to a time when television shows were chaotic tightrope acts balancing the agendas of actors, studio executives, advertisers, and politicians, and all of it broadcast live to fifty million viewers without the security of a safety net.

Set in 1955 in New York City, Julian David Stone's impressive novel follows Jonny from the writers' room of a steady network gig to a crisis of conscience when he decides to abandon his regular paycheck to claim the moral high ground against the spreading plague of McCarthyism. In a final act of defiance, Jonny alters the script of a Superman-inspired lampoon moments before it is broadcast live. What nobody can anticipate is that Jonny’s accidental creation Justice Girl and her infectious catchphrase of “Justice is served!” are about to sweep the nation and win the hearts and minds of America. Add to the mix a highly driven actress trying to get Jonny blacklisted, along with a desperate network president willing to do anything he can to get compete control of the show, and the history of television will never be the same.

The Strange Birth, Short Life, and Sudden Death of Justice Girl moves beyond the gags and gaffes of television’s golden age to plumb the depths of the media’s broader influence. Anyone interested in this time when television was a new phenomenon, with different factions fighting to use it to promote their varied agendas, will enjoy this riveting novel. Stone is an award-winning writer and director whose twenty years in the entertainment business informs his work with an insider’s perspective.

Justice Girl Press and Praise

The New York Times

"Fast-moving yarn...Lively reading...A great take on what it must have been like to be in the business during those formative years."

Publishers Weekly

"Immensely entertaining...fast-paced and emotionally vibrant...a treat for television buffs and general readers alike."

Midwest Book Review

"Memorable characters...deftly woven storyline. A solidly entertaining read from beginning to end. Very highly recommended."

Emmy Magazine

"This beautifully illustrated excerpt of Stone's novel ran in Emmy Magazine. Download a copy of the article here."

Kafka's Cage

"An utter joy to read and one of the biggest surprise packages of the year. Guaranteed to raise a grin. Highly recommended."

Kafka's Cage

"We felt it only right that we find out more about this rather fantastic book. We hunted down author Julian David Stone to have a chat..."


"Stone's ability to master detail is spot on. This is a wonderful remembrance of the earliest days of the Information Age."

Girl of 1000 Wonders

"In 25 years of reading, I've never come across anything quite like it. Wonderful, thrilling read."."

Twenty Four Frames

"A wild ride that is both frightening and funny. An impressive, fast paced moving novel...a spellbinding read."

The Motion Pictures

"Capture(s) the world of midcentury television quite well. I wish there was a whole prequel to this novel."

ABQ Arts

"ABQ Arts & Entertainment publisher and editor Stephanie Hainsfurther interviews Julian David Stone."