The Elvis Test


a play by Julian David Stone

Christmas, 1965. All is not well behind the walls of Graceland. Elvis Presley, the once undisputed king of Rock and Roll, finds himself on the verge of losing his crown to invaders from a faraway land. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and a myriad of other younger, hipper bands have stolen the attention of the youth of America. Elvis, trapped in a prison of making bad movies and even worse music, watches as the cultural revolution he started is about to leave him far behind. But like the true King he is, Elvis is not about to go down without a fight. In an attempt to regain the cheers, the screams, the music and all that made Elvis ELVIS, he decides to drop acid.

The Elvis Test mixes comedy and drama to tell the story of the night Elvis, Priscilla and three of his entourage decided to "turn on". Nobody, not even rock 'n' roll, was prepared for what was to follow…

"Funny... Clever... A spirited ensemble goes all out to make the tale's characters memorably vivid."

-LA Weekly

"So amazingly good at times I actually felt as if I was in that living room hanging out with Elvis and tripping on acid."

-LA Splash.com

"A riveting powerhouse of a presentation -- Pick of the Week."